ASAD RS Custom



construction: set neck
body timber: mahogany
body overlay: quilted maple
neck: mahogany
fingerboard: Indian rosewood
owner: Andy Pirchner

owner’s story

I always wanted to own a Gibson Les Paul Custom, but I didn’t have the money to get one., so I went for a cheaper Asian guitar – Yamaha SG1000S, which I still have today.

Many, many years later I had enough money saved for a Les Paul, but I also knew about Chris Larkin by then, so I thought, why spent money on a Les Paul, if I can get a custom guitar built to my specs for the same amount of money. Chris’s basic construction was a set neck on a mahogany body – just like a Les Paul.
Decision made – I went on a holiday trip to Ireland, visited Chris and made my decision on timber and color for the “Lady”. I wanted a Lady inlay of abalone on the 12th fret. I was told Chris’s son Kerry (14 years of age back then) did the sketch of the lady – although it looks more like Syra to me. Anyway, Chris was curious: “Why does my son know how a lady (of the night) looks like.”

The guitar is absolutely perfect. It delivers stunning harmonics even when played clean. This axe is singing by itself!

It’s been my main guitar ever since.


live on stage