ASAPJ Baritone


150603 – ASAPJ

construction: bolt on neck
body back and sides: quartersawn figured black walnut and yellow cedar (back bracing)
body overlay: quatersawn spruce
neck: quartersanw black walnut and flamed maple
fingerboard: Indian rosewood
owner: Todd Brasher

owner’s story

In 2015, Chris built my Baritone guitar about the same time he was building the archtop for his first (?) Holy Grail show. I later asked him about the Chris Larkin shirts you all were wearing at the show and he actually gave me one.

Chris’s story

Something unusual. Todd’s archtop, longscale, baritone ASAPJ guitar. Top is hand carved spruce with back and sides of figured black walnut. The 29″ scale neck is also black walnut with a centre stripe of flamed maple that continues through the back. Floating bridge and black walnut tail. Todd is mainly a bassplayer so string spacing is wide and tuning is low B to C. What is really unusual is that the back is flat. I like building unusual things.