“The Green Goddess” – Syra PB


Syra PB The Green Goddess body front
construction: bolt on neck
body timber: chestnut
neck timber: maple and sapele
fingerboard: birdeye maple
owner: Christoph Navratil

owner’s story

The idea of getting a Precision-style Syra bass started in April 2013. After playing around with the idea and decision-making I officially order the Syra in February 2014 with a scheduled finish by the end of August of the same year. Over time the pickup layout grew to three (Bareknuckle) Precision and Jazz pickups. Body timber is chestnut instead of ash or alder. Due to Chris’ progressing illness he could not start working on the bass before December 2014. The bass was finished on February 20th 2015 and collected in late April 2015.

Originally titled as Syra PB Chris named it “The Green Goddess”, color code is “stepped on Irish frog”-green.

It was first gigged on June 1st 2015.



live on stage

Red Carpet Riders Chris Larkin Syra PB