Syra headless



construction: bolt on neck
body timber: spruce and poplar
neck timber: poplar, maybe
fingerboard: maple
owner: Humphrey Murphy

owner’s story

The bass was originally built as I was looking for a light bass due to back issues, and my search led me to Chris who said that he’d be able to help me (he did have to convince me on the headless part though!) I originally only had the pickup near the neck, which is a Kent Armstrong Reggae Humbucker pickup, but I asked Chris to install a second pickup a year later. He installed a Kent Armstrong Musicman Stingray type pickup for me. The bass is very light and looks great, and sounds great. It’s also one of the most comfortable basses that I have ever played, and the one that gets the most people coming up to me at gigs asking about it! The only other modification I made was to replace the piezo preamp with an Aguilar one, as I wasn’t making use of the piezo.
I visited Chris a few times, and he and Syra were always so kind to me. Even though I didn’t know them very long, I always loved going to visit.