Reacter Bassix



construction: set neck
body timber: Brazilian mahogany
body overlay: Bookmatched burr madrone
neck: mahogany and maple
fingerboard: Indian rosewwod
owner: Andie Heyer

owner’s story

I first met Chris in 1998 during at music store Ă–llerer in Bavaria/Germany. I was about 13 years old at that time. I really fell in love with Chris’s instruments and at that time I got the chance to order my first custom 6-string bass. As I was quite young at that time and had pretty small hands Chris decided to design a bass with tighter string spacing, slimmer neck shape and also a way smaller body size (compared to usual 6-string basses).
This instrument was a faithful companion through many years with a lot of wonderful memories. For 5 years I travelled by train from Salzburg to Linz (to study at the music university) on a daily base with this wonderful instrument. In 2000 we produced our first album with my first band Unknown Dimension and I exclusively used my Larkin 6-string on it. In 2002 I recorded my first solo bass CD “BASS 4 YOU” mainly with the same instrument. My friendship and contact with Chris never faded over the years and we exchanged a lot of ideas and concepts about bass making, etc. Recently the instrument got a new fingerboard (ebony instead of the original indian rosewood), new frets (EVO gold) and i replaced the electronics with a Glockenklang 3-band EQ. Everything else is still original and in a very good shape. A beautiful instrument made with love.
I’m dreadfully sorry that Chris passed away so early. You will always be in my music brother!


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