ASAP DBass 5-string


Chris Larkin ASAP Dbass 080901 front
construction: bolt on neck
body timber: Irish fiddleback sycamore and red cedar
body overlay: Irish oak
neck: maple and sycamore with walnut stringers
fingerboard: rocklite
owner: Joaquín García

owner’s story

complete one-off ASAP-DBass5. Strung E-C, 32″ scale, RMC piezos and preamp plus Lace Alumitone pickup. It has a 300 year old Irish Oak top, sycamore and cedar body, neck is a 9 piece laminate of hard maple, flamed maple and walnut stringers with carbon fibre rods either side of the trussrod, fretboard is rocklite (indistinguishable from ebony; ebony is endangered and Chris was very hot on sustainable manufacturing) , ABM tuners, 18mm string spacing. Currently has a mute fitted but can easily be removed – I might keep the mute actually. One thing to be aware of is that my name is on the label that Chris put inside the soundhole; sadly I’m a nobody but you can always pretend I’m some famous but obscure Brazilian jazz bassist…